Caramel Nutella Banana Crunch

For all those suffering from the guilt of another new years resolution diet gone out the window…here’s a nice guiltless snack…so long as you don’t eat 3…ahhh screw it who’s watching?!

The crunch comes from none-other than the infamous Quaker caramel rice cake.

Take that caramel cake and slather some Nutella on top.

Now, layer that bad boy with thin slices of ripe banana goodness!

Crunch, “oh damn this is good, why didn’t I think of this!” crunch.

Seriously, it’s off the hook.

Jose Andres aint got nothin’ on me!


8 responses to “Caramel Nutella Banana Crunch

  1. Dear DBG, I think this is awesome that you also use nutella and bananas. I am definitely going to try this with the rice crackers, but this reminded me when I lived in greece I used to go to a crepe store that would make banana and chocolate crepes! By the way, there are some wonderful shots of the nutella banana crunchers. Very professional and I will definitely be back to have a bite of more.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Cheers, Gaby
    You can visit me at

  2. Rice crackers with Nutella! How yummy!

  3. Although I have to say. Heck with the rice cakes! Where’s the French bread???

  4. I make these! Ooo I adore Nutella. Your blog is awesome by the way.


  5. Thanks ofr the snack idea, I think it would be good ith a little bacon also, butthen it wouldn’t be guiltless?

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