Beef Fah-jee-tas!

Spicy and tender strips of beef, peppers & onions, melted cheddar, and a dollop of sour cream allĀ  rolled up in a warm stone ground tortilla…muy caliente!

Serves 4

Ready in 15mins

Get yourself:

1 Skirt steak cut into strips

4 bell peppers mixed colors

1 Vidalia onion sliced

4T Avocado or Vegetable oil

1T Dried oregano

1.5t Garlic powder

1.5t Seasoned salt

1t Smoked Paprika

1t Chili powder

1t Cumin

.5t Crushed cayenne powder

s&p to taste

Wok pot or something that can handle high heat well

(p.s. click on pics to enlarge and see more detail)

Preheat wok for about 10mins over high heat

Cut up peppers and onions into strips

Toss with s&p, oregano, and 1T oil

Add to wok

They will hiss

Let them cook for about a min and then toss

When you get char marks and peppers & onions are softened you’re good to go

Toss into a glass bowl and prep your beef

Toss beef with oil and dry spices

Add to wok and sear meat for about a min

Flip and finish cooking meat

Shred a mountain of cheese

You can never have too much shredded sharp cheddar

Brush a little oil on a corn tortilla and heat in a non-stick pan until toasty

Spread a little sour cream on tortilla, sprinkle some cheese around and top with hot fajita mix

Top it off with a little more cheese, maybe some salsa or avocado…whatever floats your boat

Me, I like to make Spanish rice with this and stuff some rice in there

Roll up, realize you overstuffed, lift towards mouth and hope the goodness doesn’t fall out the back, take a huge bite…

Make 4 more

Sip some ice-cold cerveza



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