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Beer Tasting: Flying Fish Exit Series & Brooklyn Local 1

I had a chance to taste some pretty interesting beers this past weekend. Gotta love it when someone shows up to dinner with a drink you have never heard of or seen…

[enthusiastic beer guy] “Dude, check it out. This beer is going to change your life!”

[me] “That’s a pretty bold statement.”

[enthusiastic beer guy] “Seriously, this stuff is great you’re going to love it. Where’s the bottle opener?!”

[me] “Man, you didn’t even take your jacket off yet, chill for a sec.”

[me] “Let me break out the frosted mugs, hang on.”

[enthusiastic beer guy] “So you ready?! This Exit Series is brewed with oysters!”

[me] “Like the crackers?”

[enthusiastic beer guy] “No doofus, real oysters from the ocean!”

[me] “expletive”

[enthusiastic beer guy] “Shut up and try it, I guarantee you will eat your words.”

And so I did…eat my words. The first beer we tried was the Exit Series by Flying Fish Brewery based out of Cherry Hill, NJ…

Yup, it’s really brewed with oysters, read it for yourself…

Here’s what the website has to say about that…

“Oysters and stout had long been associated in the UK, but the tradition was gradually lost.  Exit 1, an “export style” stout brewed with oysters, celebrates this tasty combination.  The creamy flavor of English chocolate and roasted malts harmonizes with minerals from the oyster shells.  Irish ale yeast adds a bit of fruitiness and a dry crispness.  This rich stout is perfect for cool weather–and especially delicious when paired with a few Jersey oysters on the half shell.”

You’re dying to know…

No, it doesn’t taste like oysters…at all. If this were a blind tasting I would never have never known this beer was brewed with oysters. In fact, I’m not convinced the oysters really added much flavor to the beer whatsoever except for maybe a little brine. The beer poured black as night and had a light foamy head. The nose was earthy, slightly smokey, with a   little burnt coffee coming through (think Manhattan Special). It was creamy and had hints of coffee, chocolate, brine, and hoppy bitterness.

An interesting, tasty, and solid beer that took me by surprise. I’d have this again and maybe actually pair it with some oysters on the half shell.

Next up…

…was a beer brewed straight out of  Brooklyn, NY

A Belgium Strong Pale Ale with 9% ABV…

This guy right here was really tasty and reminded me of mead or honey wine. It was a nice golden color, a bit cloudy, it was pleasantly bitter and full of flavor. I definitely tasted citrus, honey, and apricots. Went down smooth and had a nice after taste. I’d have this again.

This guy definitely knows his beer…can’t wait to see what he brings over next!