How to Filet a Chicken Breast

Here’s the deal, you’re in the supermarket and you score a sweet deal on boneless, skinless chicken breasts so you pick up like 4 pkgs. Then you get home and your like, “damn I’m good look at this sweet deal, but if I could only turn these 16 breasts into 32 breasts then I’d have chicken for like two months!” Great minds think alike…check below to see how to easily stretch out your chicken purchase…

Get yourself:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Sharp fillet knife
  • Non-porous cutting board
  • Throw some music on in the background

Place chicken on cutting board with thick end facing to the right

Press firmly on top of chicken, hold knife straight out, begin slicing

Stop halfway and check to make sure you’re not cutting through to the bottom

…watch your fingers…

Slice through the end

Save money and double your stock

I like the sound of that

A nice (cheap) mountain of chicken cutlets

Who hates forking over $$ for the fancy cutlets individually wrapped?!

I do!

So, you know how we compensate for that, right?…


Lay a square of Saran wrap on counter

Pop a couple cutlets in the center

Wrap up tightly

Individual packages of (2) cutlets

Perfect for a quick grab and cook chicken dinner

I like to double insulate with some foil if I know I’ll be storing for a long time

Pop packages into a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze


One response to “How to Filet a Chicken Breast

  1. I like to throw my chicken in the freezer for a little bit before I cut it. When it is slightly frozen it makes it easier for me to cut.

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