Easy Rustic Style Bread

You will need:

6.5C AP white unbleached flour

1.5T Granulated yeast (Not rapid rise)

1.5T Kosher salt

3.5C Luke-warm water

Pizza peel

Pizza stone

Loaf pan

1C tap water for steam

Stand mixer (optional)

Large bin for dough storage

Digital thermometer (optional)

Inspired by Artisan Bread in 5

Making the Dough

Grab your flour, salt, and yeast

Measure out your water and warm in microwave for ~30secs

Add yeast to water and stir

Should get foamy

Toss your salt into the flour and mix

Slowly add your yeast/water to flour/salt while mixing on slow

Mix until all liquid is incorporated into flour

**If you have some leftover dough in he fridge from a previous

batch then add a few oz to the new batch for extra flavor**

Mix with dough hook to bring everything together

*Remember, you’re not kneading the dough

Just combine until it’s shaggy

**If you don’t have a mixer you can add all ingredients to a mixing

bowl and just stir like crazy to combine with a wooden spoon

(I’ve broken wooden spoons this way)

Dump the shaggy dough into a large container

You’re going to cover (not airtight)

Add a little olive oil to container to prevent sticking

Let rise for 2hrs. Punch Down. Let rise again for 2hrs.

The dough is ready to be used at this point.

It’s not Dom P, but it should be bubbly

If you are not planning to use the dough right away, cover and store in fridge

This is a cold ferment and will allow the dough to develop more flavor

Now that you’ve made your dough, pat yourself on the back

You’re halfway to a very good loaf of bread


Baking the Bread

Huge shout-out to my wifey for the photography in this section!

You better friggin’ give me credit for those pictures!

Ahhhh, she’s a sweetheart

Ok, let’s bake some bread!

Cut off a nice size piece of dough

Flour your hands and shape into a ball

Do this by folding the dough over on itself several times

It’s coming together

Have your pizza peel ready. I sprinkle mine with semolina flour

Once ball is formed, flip over and pinch bottom closed

Place dough on board and touch up

Flour ’em up

Moving clockwise, twist the dough with your palms until a nice plump ball forms

Sprinkle with flour

Stone on center rack. Pan on bottom

Preheat to 475F @ least 30mins before baking bread

Cover and let rest for ~30mins

Rested dough

Ready to slash and bake

Using a floured bread knife, slash dough

I went for a +, you can Zoro it if you want…go nuts

Moving QUICKLY, slide dough on stone

Add your tap water to hot pan

This technique creates steam in the oven while the bread bakes

Enhances the quality of the crust and crumb

Set a thermo to 208F

It will take ~30mins to get to this temp

Here’s what you want to look for…


Tap the bottom, it should sound hollow

Glamour shots

Listen to it as it cools…it crackles like Rice Crispies

Mouth watering yet?!

Chewy and airy “Butter me” flesh

Serve it warm. Butter it, dip it in seasoned olive oil, make a sandwich…

Similar Loaves Made Using this Master Recipe

3 slashes–about 2 slashes short of being scalloped

The resulting loaf…

Picture perfect and delicious!

This is a french style loaf called Pain d’Epis

Resembles a wheat stalk beat up cobble stone path

The end result is nothing short of incredible

Each piece just breaks off and is a mini loaf.

Makes a serious sandwich!

Cook’s Illustrated variation of Jim Lahey’s No Knead Bread

This loaf is seeded and scalloped

Crust is significantly firmer and chewier than other loaves

Flesh is full of holes and has a nice tang reminiscent of a sourdough loaf

Worth a try, but you need an enameled cast iron dutch oven…

So good…

Foccacia style bread made using master recipe for artisan bread

Slice open and stuff to make phenomenal sandwiches…

Sorry, but after eating this your expectation for sandwiches will skyrocket

Stay tuned for a post on foccacia style sandwiches


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