Cut A Whole Chicken Into Parts

Whole chickens are cheap…so why not learn how to cut one up instead of having to buy the pre-cut and pre-packaged stuff that’s more expensive per pound?

Here’s a quick pictorial to get you going…

Get yourself:

1 Small Whole Chicken (3-6lbs)

A good chefs knife

A good pair of kitchen shears

Ziploc labeled “Chicken Parts for Stock”

Extra Ziploc freezer bags for storage

After you get past the fact that you’re about to carve up a whole chicken…

Wash your hands and rinse chicken under cool running water then pat dry

Do a little dance with the chicken

Lay chicken breast side up

Pull the goodies out of the cavity and save the neck for stock

Ready for your first cut?!

Grab a hold of the wing and let the chicken hang to loosen the joint

Carefully slice the skin around the joint

Place chicken down and pull wing back to expose joint

Cut through the joint to separate

Same thing on other side

Firmly hold the chicken by its leg and let the body weight of the chicken loosen joint

Cut around skin and place chicken on board

With a firm grip, crack the thigh joint and cut through to separate

If you like, separate the thigh from the leg

Same thing on other side

Now you’re left with the main cavity

Place chicken breast side down…

Detach the back  with kitchen shears and throw in stock bag

Now you’re left with the breasts still intact

Flip breasts right side up and firmly press down on chicken with both hands to crack breast-plate

Flip over to expose inner cavity and with the butt of your chefs knife cut through to separate

That was easy

Use right away in your favorite chicken dish or just freeze.

And don’t forget about the chicken parts…make homemade chicken stock on a lazy Sunday!


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