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Roasted Chicken with Veggies

Spring is right around the corner so I decided to makeĀ  a last-ditch effort to create a winter-ish dish. Not like anyone wants to be reminded of winter, but I figured it was the least I could to politely say bon voyage. So, as usual, I hit up the cookbooks and flipped through some of Ina Garten’s recipes (she rocks FYI), then I hit up the google to find some recipes and came across the Amateur Gourmet’s rendition of Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc @ home roasted chicken. This looked really good and I was sold. Time to roast me a chicken and root vegetables…

“Hey, I’m looking for a rutabaga”

“Sure, over there in the barrel”

“The thing that says turnips?!”


“But I’m looking for a rutabaga…”

“Yea, same thing”

“Uh, OK, thanks…”

Good thing for produce guy and his thorough explanation right?! I mean, I would never know the difference if it weren’t for his extensive produce knowledge. Thanks vague produce man, thanks.

Anyway, who cares about turnips and rutabagas, let’s the roast the damn things and eat ’em. According to the Amateur Gourmet guy it’s worth it…

Serves: ~4
Prep time: ~25mins
Cook time: ~2hrs
Total time: Freakin’ long but worth it

Get yourself:

  • 1 4-4.5lb Chicken
  • 2 Rutabagas
  • 2 Turnips
  • 2 Leeks
  • 1 Vidalia onion
  • 8-10 Small red potatoes
  • 8 Long carrots
  • 1 Small head of garlic
  • 1 Lemon
  • 4T Butter
  • 1t Rendered duck fat (optional)
  • .5C Extra Virgin olive oil
  • 8 sprigs of thyme
  • Salt and cracked black pepper
  • Butchers twine or something to truss the chicken
  • Big ass roasting pan or cast iron skillet
  • Digital thermo because when the temp hits 160F that chicken is done!

First things first, if you want crispy skin then you should let your chicken air dry on the counter for 2 hours before cooking. Then you should take some paper towels and dab the skin to absorb any residual moisture.

Dry skin = Crispy skin

Now we can move on…

Preheat oven to 425

Prep your veggies

I know it looks like a daunting mountain of veggies to peel

Put some music on and get to preppin’

Let’s start with the leeks

Cut the dark green off

I feel like I’m wasting money when I buy these I mean you end up cutting and tossing half of it away

Now, stand it up and slice almost in half

Turn, slice almost in half again

Got it?!

The veg, the myth, the legend…the rutabaga

It’s waxed

Peel off the outer skin and then cut into wedges

Rutabaga, done

Turnip time

Same thing

Peel and then wedges

For the onion just cut the tip off lay flat

Then cut through the root end into quarters

Pull three cloves of garlic off the head, peel and smash with knife

Quarter your carrots

Gather 4 stalks of thyme

Rinse potatoes, but leave whole and unpeeled

Add all of these plus the veggies from above into a big bowl

Toss in the olive oil and 1tsp each of salt and pepper

Mix it all up real good and throw ’em into whatever your baking them in

I used a nice big cast iron pan

Veggie’s, done

Chicken time…

Separate the skin from the flesh with your fingers

Inconspicuously slip 4T of butter under the skin

I rubbed duck fat all over the skin, but you can use butter or a light oil like canola

Sprinkle 1tsp salt and cracked black pepper over the chicken skin

oh yea, don’t forget to remove the giblets from the cavity

Add 1 tsp of salt and pepper to cavity

Quarter your lemon and stuff it in

Stick the remainder of the thyme stalks in

Get the remaining head of garlic and slice the top off, stuff it in there

Truss the chicken legs and tuck the wing tips under the body

Push the veggies to the side and nestle the chicken right in the middle of the whole thing

Put in the 425F oven feet first

Roast for 25mins

Drop oven temp to 400F

Rotate so the feet are facing you

Roast for 45mins or until a meat thermo reads 160F

In due time, a gorgeous, fragrant, crispy chicken will grace you with its presence

Put the chicken aside and let rest so the juices can redistribute

You can throw a foil tent over it

I like my roasted veggies really caramelized so at this point I threw ’em back in for another 25mins

That’s all folks…

A classic roast chicken

If you’re into roast chicken and veggies then this is right up your alley

The chicken was SO juicy and had great flavor

Skin was crispy and buttery

The veggies were packed with flavor

Definitely a go-to comfort dish



Spanish Rice and Chicken

The most Spanish part of this meal is the fact that the rice is Goya. Already seasoned and ready to cook. Sorry, but sometimes hunger takes precedent and you just don’t have the time. Since my knowledge of Spanish food is limited to Paella and Spanish pimento olives I decided to take a shot at arroz con pollo, otherwise known as Spanish Chicken and Rice. The end result was delicious and a pleasant surprise. After I made it I decided to Google “arroz con pollo recipes” and it turns out my version is a far cry from the traditional version. In fact, it’s more like a poor man’s paella…a really poor man’s paella. Although nothing close to authentic, it was enough to satiate our desire for something “Spanish” and it met all our criteria for a weeknight meal: quick to make, tasty, satisfying, quick to clean up, and easily repeatable. Another good thing about this dish is that it lends itself to a boat load of variations…

Serve: 4-6

Time: ~35mins

Get yourself:

1 Fryer chicken cut into parts (See how to cut up a whole chicken here: http://bit.ly/aBoiPt)

1 Bell pepper

1 Vidalia onion

1C Spanish pimento olives chopped

3T chopped fresh parsley

6 Cloves roasted garlic or 3 cloves chopped fresh

1 Package Goya Spanish rice

1T Season All

1T Garlic powder

1T Dried Oregano

2t Smoked paprika

2t Cayenne pepper powder

1t Cumin

2T olive oil

s&cracked pep

A stove to oven frying pan

2QT Microwave safe bowl with cover

Rinse chicken and pat dry, you won’t get a good sear if skin is wet

In a bowl combine all of your dry ingredients

Smoosh the dry rub into the chicken skin real good

Set chicken aside and prep your rice

Oh, and preheat your oven to 400F…

as well as your frying pan with the oil

When the pan is nice and hot…Sear the chicken…

Just kidding

That’s what happens when you add rendered duck fat to a super hot pan

Time for a do-over

Sear the chicken in a cast iron skillet for a real good sear

Mmmmmmm, crispy seasoned chicken skin…

Sear all the pieces of chicken

Pop chicken in oven for:

Wings will cook in ~8-10mins

Legs and thighs will cook in ~12-15mins

Breasts will cook in ~25mins

Of course cooking time will vary so use your best chicken judgment

While the chicken cooks…


I cooked mine in the microwave

It’s so freakin’ easy I won’t ever cook it on the stove again

Recipe calls for butter, oil, or margarine…

of course I went with butter…

Who’s counting calories?!

Set it and forget it

While the rice cooks…

Prep your trio

Don’t forget the garlic and olives

Check on the chicken to see if it’s done…

“Hey babe, can you come check to see if this chicken is cooked.”

“Is it white?”

“I dunno, kinda”

“Lemme take a look”

“Hmmm…looks a little pink”

“Seriously, it’s been cooking for like 20 minutes”

“I dunno what to tell you, cook it longer I guess”

“Grrrrr…I hate cooking chicken, I can never tell when it’s done!”

So, after you decide the chicken is cooked saute your garlic in some oil

Set chicken aside to cool

Once garlic is browned…

Saute your peppers, onions, and olives until soft

Sprinkle in some salt&cracked pep

Add in the yellow rice and mix it up

Keep it warm over low heat

Once chicken has cooled enough to handle you should debone

Give it a rough chop and sprinkle with some fresh parsley

Mix it all up…

Taste and adjust for seasoning

There you have it…

An Italian kids version of Spanish Rice and Chicken

Not too shabby, if I may say so myself…



Add shrimp

Add peas

Use Sazon seasoning instead of my mix of dry ingredients

Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts for a boring healthier version

Throw a whole chile pepper in with the peppers and onions for some zing

Use some Adobo on the chicken

Throw in a can of drained and chopped plum tomatoes

How about a can of drained black beans?

How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken

Whole chickens are cheap…so why not learn how to cut one up instead of having to buy the pre-cut and pre-packaged stuff that’s more expensive per pound?

Here’s a quick pictorial to get you going…

Get yourself:

1 Small Whole Chicken (3-6lbs)

A good chefs knife

A good pair of kitchen shears

Ziploc labeled “Chicken Parts for Stock”

Extra Ziploc freezer bags for storage

After you get past the fact that you’re about to carve up a whole chicken…

Wash your hands and rinse chicken under cool running water then pat dry

Do a little dance with the chicken

Lay chicken breast side up

Pull the goodies out of the cavity and save the neck for stock

Ready for your first cut?!

Grab a hold of the wing and let the chicken hang to loosen the joint

Carefully slice the skin around the joint

Place chicken down and pull wing back to expose joint

Cut through the joint to separate

Same thing on other side

Firmly hold the chicken by its leg and let the body weight of the chicken loosen joint

Cut around skin and place chicken on board

With a firm grip, crack the thigh joint and cut through to separate

If you like, separate the thigh from the leg

Same thing on other side

Now you’re left with the main cavity

Place chicken breast side down…

Detach the backĀ  with kitchen shears and throw in stock bag

Now you’re left with the breasts still intact

Flip breasts right side up and firmly press down on chicken with both hands to crack breast-plate

Flip over to expose inner cavity and with the butt of your chefs knife cut through to separate

That was easy

Use right away in your favorite chicken dish or just freeze.

And don’t forget about the chicken parts…make homemade chicken stock on a lazy Sunday!