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Roasted Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad

I usually prep lunch on Sunday. So this time around I was in the mood for chicken salad, but I needed to find a way to pack more flavor into it. I usually just bake the chicken, shred it, then combine it with a little mayo and celery, s&p. It’s good, but definitely could use a flavor boost…so I reworked the classic.

Out of my 10lb bag of frozen Perdue chicken breasts (these are great for simple chicken dishes.  It’s not Bell&Evans, but it gets the job done well) I grab about 8 breasts and lay them flat on an aluminum lined rimmed cookie sheet.  I add about a cup of chicken broth to the pan, just enough to coat the pan and prevent the breasts from drying out.

I wanted to add some onion to the chicken salad, but I’m not a fan of raw onion in the chicken bc it’s way too over-powering. So I decided to top the chicken with thin slices of red onion and bake so that the onion will slowly roast and infuse it’s flavor into the chicken.

Next, I generously sprinkled some lemon pepper and dry mustard on the chicken

Sprinkled some kosher salt and crushed black pepper

Drizzled some extra virgin olive oil

Crossed my fingers and tossed it into a 350F oven for ~25mins

Let me tell you the aroma was a positive reinforcement

Out came this tray of juicy and aromatic chicken

After cooling I removed the onions and shred the chicken into a big pile and combined with:

2 huge tablespoons of REAL FATTY Hellman’s mayo

~1T of the juices from the baked chicken

2 stalks of celery sliced up

& a lil more s&p

After giving it a good mix I had my end resultJuicy, flavorful, creamy, chicken salad with a refreshing hint of lemon and sweet onion

Serve on fresh baked Italian bread with some mixed greens and a thick slice of tomato